MackeyRMS NLP 2.0
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Get new insights from your investment data and build new efficiencies into your research process.

The MackeyRMS cloud-based, work-from-anywhere research management platform now gives fundamental investment teams a native natural language processing (NLP) engine that helps them cut through the noise of their research content to see, share, and act on their best investment insights sooner.

NLP 2.0 feature highlights

Scan your entire historical dataset for keyword, topic, and content suggestions based on your search query to get more actionable search returns faster. That works for content you’re looking for and insights you may not be aware of.

Sort contextual search returns by relevancy based on NLP saliency scores for the keywords found in each note. Then choose the most relevant content associated to your specific query.

Create short summaries of selected notes with a single click to quickly find the most actionable information. This saves time and effort, whether you’re looking for new insights or catching up on recently published research.

Use no-code development to build in-app visualizations and reports that organize your best insights into a single view. Then overlay third-party data sources to see correlations across datasets.

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