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ESG Scorecards provide an end-to-end research workflow toolkit that centralises and streamlines the selection, monitoring and reporting process for ESG-focused investment portfolios.

Demand for ESG investments continues to rise in 2021, as do calls from investors and regulators, alike, for increased transparency around how ESG-focused investment portfolios are constructed and monitored.

ESG Scorecards empowers your team to build customisable, repeatable, and auditable ESG workflows within MackeyRMS to improve transparency and add control over your ESG investment process.

Developed jointly with ESG investment teams using the Mackey platform, ESG Scorecards enables your team to integrate your preferred ESG ratings data, and build customised, repeatable, and auditable workflows to ensure holdings within your portfolio meet and maintain the established ESG investment criteria.

Learn how ESG Scorecards can give your team the ability to demonstrate adherence to your organisation's unique ESG standards without adding extra steps to your daily routine.

Add transparency and control to your ESG research process today.

Grade individual portfolio holdings at the security or fund level.

View scores in aggregate at the portfolio level or as a topline data point within individual tear sheets.

Monitor portfolios in real time, and be alerted to ESG status changes that occur among holdings.

Boost productivity with configurable workflows that standardise your firm’s ESG selection and verification criteria within the RMS.

Publish in-app notes and comments on ESG status of portfolio holdings and outline any needed reconciliation measures.

Maintain a complete and auditable history of your investment selection process for reporting to internal and external stakeholders.

Seamlessly integrate your preferred third-party ESG ratings data and analytics sources.

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