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Together MackeyRMS and InsiderScore deliver best-of-breed data, analytics and software solutions that empower modern investment teams to do their best work.

Many of the world's leading investment managers use our solutions to accelerate idea generation, enhance portfolio monitoring, improve productivity and collaboration, and increase transparency and control over investment IP. Take 15 minutes to see the difference for yourself with a free trial or demo today.


Transform your SEC filings analysis and focus only on material changes. 

inFilings is the only filings, search, and alerts provider that structures and normalizes the vast amount of corporate, financial, and regulatory data reported to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to enable faster search, screening, historical analysis, and idea generation. That means analysts spend less time inspecting reports and more time assessing their impact. Compare our redline to your provider's redline today to see the difference.




Capture and share research content in real-time for seamless implementation.

MackeyRMS is the only RMS built to give research teams the ability to capture and share research content in real-time, from anywhere, using any device. That means your team never overlooks or is unable to find a critical piece of research for your investment thesis. With Mackey, analysts are more productive, teams are more collaborative, and organizations have greater transparency and control over their investment IP.




Track insider and institutional sentiment for idea generation and portfolio monitoring.

InsiderScore delivers the most comprehensive, detailed view of real-time and historical insider activity, stock buybacks, institutional flows, and management turnover. Backed by a team of more than 50 filings specialists, InsiderScore enables you to separate signals from the noise to get a clear measure of sentiment, generate differentiated ideas, and better manage risk. If you are tracking this information in another platform, you’re likely not getting the full picture.



    MackeyRMS and InsiderScore

Empowering modern investment teams to do their best work and deliver maximum alpha for client portfolios.

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